Creating a brief change of output on GPO in response to a tag read

Andy Harsant

New Member
I am intending to use ClearStream in a sports environment and note in another thread (Peter Hanz) that suggests ClearStream can influence a number of reader settings which bypasses the need to program the reader itself.

Is it therefore possible to change the state of a GPO pin in response to a tag being read such that a separate buzzer can sound briefly?


Howie Heckman III

Staff member
Hi Andy,

Yes, you can trigger the GPO (output ports) on the RFID reader when tags are sent to a destination data source. This can include things like buzzers, and lights. You can also control these logically using the Condition field in the GPO configuration. Usually this is a '0' if the tag failed to post to the destination and a '1' if it succeeds.