ClearStream 4.1 Release Notes (5/25/2017)

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Joseph Kraebel

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4.1. Build 427 - Initial Release - 5/25/2017

New Features:

  • Tag Events and Tag Moderation
  • Custom Tag Events
  • Feig Reader Support
  • Parent Child relationship support added through moderated tag reads
  • Not LIKE filter support added
  • Tag Read and Tag in Buffer GPO events added
  • Performance improvements

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed timing related issues with GPOs. GPOs could become stuck in an off state when reader disconnect occurs.
  • Fixed installation issues with API demo web application.
  • Certain Windows 10 machines required that CS be started as admin to use CS demo database.
  • Notification email sent when opening reader list.
  • Notification email sent for readers that did not switch state.
  • Fixed Issues with Starting/Stopping the Windows Service from the Tray Icon or Start Menu shortcuts.
  • Some cases where Impinj readers that lost connection would not come back online.

4.1. Build 432 - Patch Release - 9/8/2017

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed GPIO Issues on Feig readers when using the relay outputs.
  • Fixed reader disconnect issues on select readers when running for long periods of time.

4.1. Build 436 - Patch Release - 10/10/2017

New Features:
  • Added support for Feig HF Readers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with Feig readers when only one antenna is in use.
  • Fixed issue with reading all memory banks when using Tag Moderation (Still an issue on Feig readers).
  • Fixed issue with Convert EPC to ASCII when using Tag Moderation.
  • Fixed issue requiring more than one sequence for Custom Events when using Tag Moderation.

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