ClearStream 4.0 Release Notes (9/14/2016)

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  1. Joseph Kraebel

    Joseph Kraebel Administrator Staff Member

    ClearStream 4.1 Released -

    Feature List:

    • Email notifications of reader issues.
    • Self-healing readers – more aggressive attempts to reestablish communication with a down reader.
    • Custom fields – with field parsing.
    • Custom date time formatting.
    • Improved date time precision for more exact reporting of when a tag was read.
    • GPI de-bounce timer.
    • Selectable tag send for GPI triggers.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Restart reader if re-connection fails setting not saving for alien reader
    • GP Input trigger not working on FX9500 with only one trigger added
    • Alien reader not reading tags correctly with only one GP Input set
    • Stop exception causing Zebra readers to not start
    • GPO ports seem to stick ON sometimes on Alien reader during tag reads
    • StartEvent field with a GPI trigger not working for Alien reader
    • GPO outputs not always triggering on alien reader when using GPI trigger
    • Source Data insert only triggers first read when using GPI trigger
    • StartEvent database field not showing GPI trigger values unless more than 1
    • GPI trigger only working first time after FX7500 reader is started in ClearStream
    • Timeout issues when stopping Impinj reader
    • Include more info in the emulator when selecting lightstacks
    • A message indicating the virtual site survey environment has not been started may appear
    • Importing a ClearStream project with multiple readers defaults to first reader
    • IIS still trying to install when option is unchecked
    • Issue stopping Alien reader after network disconnect
    • Delay in stopping reader and showing exceptions in log
    • Services preferences need to support the "User Current Project" option
    • "Accept command messages" setting requires restart of ClearStream
    • Alien readers do not respect the user defined reader name
    • Start/Stop readers may prompt a "Save Project" prompt
    • Multiple CS instances do not work on the same PC
    • A "Virtual Directory CE_WebApp already exists" message may appear on install
    Download ClearStream RFID 4.0 >>
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