When to use Microsoft Excel or Text files as an RFID tag destination.

Discussion in 'Database Questions' started by Howie Heckman III, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Howie Heckman III

    Howie Heckman III Moderator Staff Member

    Using Microsoft Excel or text files as a destination for your RFID tag data can give some unexpected results. This is because of the speed and way in which multiple readers will be sending tags that are read to the destination. When scanning for RFID tags in a continuous mode thousands of tags can be read in a very short time frame. If there are also many readers configured to send tag data to these data sources, the destination can be quickly overwhelmed. So, when using Microsoft Excel or Text files as a destination of your RFID tag data we highly recommend configuring each RFID scanner to scan in a timed mode. This will cause all of the scanned tags to be queued up before being sent to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or text file. At the end of the scan all of the tags will be sent at once.
  2. Corey Hagewood

    Corey Hagewood Moderator Staff Member

    Another important thing to note. If you do decide to use Excel as your Data destination, make sure that you have Excel installed on the Clearstream Machine. Databases like Access or SQL server are accessed by Clearstream using the windows ODBC Drivers. Excel does not have any means of being accessed in this way, so the application needs to be installed for Clearstream to make the connection.

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