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  1. Jarred Ridley

    Jarred Ridley New Member


    I'd like to configure my Motorola FX7500 RFID reader to report tags only at select times. What I'd like to do is keep track of how long a tag is near an antenna. In a best case I'd like to configure the reader so that tags are only reported once when it is first scanned by the reader and then again when it is no longer seen by the reader. Basically I only want tags sent to my destination database twice each time a tag is read by the reader. Using the default settings I'm getting hundreds of reads sent to the destination database while it's in front of the antenna and I'd like to limit that.

    I think this is doable using the Tag Event Reporting, but I wasn't quite sure how to set that up.

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Howie Heckman III

    Howie Heckman III Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Jarred,

    Yes you are right you can use the tag event reporting features to accomplish what you trying to setup. To do this you will want to make sure Tag Event Reporting is turned on. Next, change each of the Tag Events to the 'Moderated' type, and configure a timeout for each one. The timeout setting is used to define how long a tag must be in that state before it is reported. For example, if you wanted to report a tag Not Visible, but only after it has been not visible for 5 seconds, you would set the timeout for the Not Visible tag event to '5000' milliseconds.

    Let us know if this helps.
  3. Jarred Ridley

    Jarred Ridley New Member

    Thanks Howie... So I have this configured does it look correct?

    • New tag:
      • Immediate
      • New Tag Visible
    • Tag Invisible:
      • Moderated:
      • Tag no longer visible
      • Timeout = 5000ms
    • Back to Visible:
      • Moderated
      • Tag visible again
      • Timeout = 5000ms
  4. Jarred Ridley

    Jarred Ridley New Member

    Actually one more question. What does the 'Description' field do? I have those set to the defaults currently, just wondering what they are used for.
  5. Howie Heckman III

    Howie Heckman III Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, that all looks correct. When you start up the RFID reader you should now see that a tag that is seen by the reader for the first time will be reported immediately to your database. Then because of the timeout you have turned on for 'Back to Visible' you will not get another read of the tag unless it is not seen by the Motorola FX7500 for 5 seconds. This will help limit the number of tag that get posted to your database. Finally, if the tag is not seen for 5 seconds you will get a record posted to your database.

    This should do what you originally described, limit the number of posts to your database to two. Just remember that you may need to play with the settings a bit based on your environment to get it to perform exactly as you want.

    Let us know if this helps.

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