RFID for Visual Management


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First let me say I know very little about RFID. I am brainstorming using RFID to allow personnel to quickly realize if a standard is not met.

Basically i want to attach a tag to an industrial vehicle and each time it passes the reader a large stop clock will
1. Reset to 00:00:00
2. Start counting

Is this possible to do with RFID or NFC?

Dan Peluso

Staff member

Yes, this should be possible with the correct hardware and software (making some assumptions on the interface for the stopwatch).

Using our ClearStream RFID software, you can turn on/off a GPIO port which could be used to signal external systems; in your case the stopwatch. Some of this answer would depend on the capabilities of the stopwatch but I imagine that kind of option exists. The GPIO output of an RFID reader is basically a low voltage DC signal that can be turned on/off via ClearStream in reaction to a tag read.

In the case you describe, you would likely want to use standard RFID or Beacon technology as opposed to NFC because NFC requires very close (almost touch) contact to successfully read.

I would encourage you to talk to one of our sales reps because they have great knowledge of the different types of tags and readers available for your specific environment.