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Discussion in 'Software Feature Requests' started by Martin Rutherford, May 29, 2015.

  1. Martin Rutherford

    Martin Rutherford New Member

    After using the software in a production environment we have some feedback on the RFID Start/Stop interface. We'd like to see something built separately from the management studio console to start/stop the RFID readers and see their health (whether or not they are still running). The management studio console works fine, however if a user that does not have access to this interface needs to check something on the reader it can be a little more time consuming than we'd like to get that information.


    - Martin
  2. Howie Heckman III

    Howie Heckman III Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    This is actually something we've been considering. The Start/Stop form is useful for checking reader status and turning the RFID readers on and off, but when the list gets much larger or you'd like other users to be able to perform these functions the interface can be a little slow to use. We did however add the ability to connect with the ClearStream management studio through a new API in version 3.0. Using this API you are able to create your own interface for these functions. So, you could for example, build a web page that groups RFID readers by location, or by application.

    There is a sample of how this is configured provided with the installation of ClearStream. Take a look in the Start Menu->Programs->PTS->ClearStream RFID->ClearStream Web App Demo. For more information on how this can be customized take a look in the user guide, or check out this video:

    Let us know if this helps.

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