[Need Opinion] Indicator for RFID missing tag

Discussion in 'RFID Software Technical Questions' started by Kim Ji Young, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Kim Ji Young

    Kim Ji Young New Member

    Hi there...

    I'm here to ask some opinion about indicator for trace the missing RFID tag?

    currently, there some example that i have read such as adaptive window RFID data cleaning model (SMURF), static window RFID data cleaning and naive bayes classifier...

    so i would like to ask if there are other model or techniques that can be used for trace the missing RFID tags?

    or if anybody do not mind to share any papers or journal that related with this...

    Thank You..
  2. Dan Peluso

    Dan Peluso Administrator Staff Member


    I apologize that I do not fully understand the question but I will attempt to answer. Most of the data cleaning and analog processing of the tag reads occur at the hardware level so it would be a more hardware specific question if that makes sense. Since ClearStream RFID is mostly hardware independent, we do not have a lot of control over this portion of the process.

    From a ClearStream RFID perspective(software), the analog reading/cleaning of the tag data has already occurred and we would receive the tag information after this has already occurred.

    Let me know if that helps or if I have misunderstood the question.

  3. Kim Ji Young

    Kim Ji Young New Member

    Actually, i would like to know if there is another method that can be used for detecting missing tag?
    for example, Since RFID can generate large amounts of data flow in a short time,
    while identifying the missing tags leading to long scanning time and difficult to search the actual tags..
    so, i want to know how to trace the missing tags? should i reduce the tag collison and search the missing tags?


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