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  1. Peter Hanz

    Peter Hanz New Member

    I can use the web interface by MAC address for programming the Motorola FX7500 Reader, but I am curious if the Motorola software offers more features or ease for programming the units.

    Looked around and found this, but I was unable to download it. Do you have access to getFX7500 RFID Release v1.2.11 software? Or any other software suggestions for configuring Motorola units? BarCode Scanners/RFID Products/FX7500 RFID
  2. Howie Heckman III

    Howie Heckman III Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Peter,

    ClearStream will allow you to control the RFID readers without any programming and also control where the scanned tag information is sent. The web interface supplied with the reader will simply show you scanned tags, it cannot send these tags to something like an ODBC database such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc. Here is a video to get started...

    Please let us know if you have any questions on this.
  3. ThomasJ

    ThomasJ Member

    I think I am looking for different software than Peter for the FX7500. I am routinely getting issues where the reader will not power on with a working Clearstream configuration. When starting the reader under Running it will say 'False', under Inventory in Progress it will say 'False', and under Reader Status it says 'Error. Failed to start reader.'
    If this happens I will then have to perform multiple FX7500 hardware reboots, wait for the steady green light and attempt to start it again. Sometimes just one reader reboot will work other times it takes multiple.

    My current guess is that I should upgrade the firmware, but I couldn't get access like above. Do you guys have the newest firmware for this device? I think it is called - located at under Restricted Software.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  4. Howie Heckman III

    Howie Heckman III Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Thomas,

    Generally if a reader fails to start when using ClearStream it is due to another application being connected to the reader. This could include the sample tag reading demo accessible through the web interface. This can also occur if ClearStream fails to close properly and the connection is left open. Have you checked the log located in C:\ProgramData\ClearStreamRFID\SystemInfo\System\ for any additional logging of the failure?

    Thanks and let us know.
  5. ThomasJ

    ThomasJ Member

    I think I understand. I have tried restarting the service and that sometimes does the trick on getting it to not Error out on starting up. Is this issue most common with the FX7500 only or does it affect all readers? I am willing to change to the most brand that is most reliable with Clearstream if you suggest it.

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