Looking for feedback on the virtual site survey tool

Howie Heckman III

Staff member
Hello everyone,

I wanted to make a post on the forum to see if any of our users had any feedback on the virtual site survey tool available within ClearStream. Version 3.0 introduced the tool with the hopes that it would help our users better understand how a fixed RFID system can be used and how it can be used in their own environment. We tried to add some real world variables to the simulator so that users can learn (at a basic level) about read performance and the factors that can affect the accuracy of a fixed RFID solution.

Some of these factors include the ability to change the material of the items being tagged, along with the material of the tag itself. This is because a huge factor in determining if fixed RFID will work in a user's environment is the items being tagged and the tags being used.

We hope that the simulator would expose to our users some of these factors even before setting up any hardware.

Thanks for all your input.
This tool was nice for a demo purpose of the software. It showed all of the basic functionality and capabilities. It is probably a little optimistic in its ability to read tags, but I don't think that was its purpose. Real world testing of RFID is needed even after using the virtual site survey tool.

With that said though, it is a great tool to see how the software works and get an idea of how you are going to install the equipment.