LLRP what is it, and why is it important to you and to ClearStream RFID?

Corey Hagewood

Staff member
LLRP (Low Level Reader Protocol) is an interface protocol used to facilitate the communication between software and the hardware reader. It was designed as a means for developers to have a standard method to access multiple readers from different manufacturers, without having to custom develop for each one. ClearStream RFID employs the use of LLRP to be compatible with as many hardware systems as possible. As long as your hardware reader supports LLRP, it should be compatible with ClearStream RFID.

Howie Heckman III

Staff member
LLRP is supported on many different readers. Take a quick look at the specs sheet of a particular RFID reader to see if it is supported. On some Alien Readers, such as the 9900+, the LLRP server needs to be enabled first before using it. Check out the Alien 9900+ user guide for the steps on how to do this.

Robin Stork

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Often abbreviated as LLRP, Low Level Reader Protocol is a kind of interface protocol that clears the communication pathway between the hardware and software reader.

This was designed as a standard method to facilitate developers accessing distinct readers from distinct manufacturers, without custom developing each of these.
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