How to avoid signal interfere each other between two rfid reader or more


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I have RFID Multireader (2 Reader) project with arduino. I use RFID longrange 125Khz. How can I manage the code/program/logic to make my RFID not interfere each other?
Note :
In my project those two RFID antenna must be placed side by side or separate 1 cm each other.
Should I create 1 module with 2 antenna? or 2 module with 2 antenna?

I have try array system in arduino to cut off ground line (flip flop) to each rfid module (2 rfid), the result 1 rfid work well but the other is abnormal.

I also have try array system with relay to cut antenna line (flip flop) with delay 200ms, the result sometimes 1 anntenna work well but other antenna is abnormal.

Anyone can explain how to implement this method in arduino?

Thank You...

Dan Peluso

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Your project sounds interesting but I am afraid I cannot offer any specific advice. This forum is more specifically for our ClearStream software

If I had to completely guess, you may have a hardware issue with one of the modules or your code is not quite correct in handling multiple modules at the same time.