GPI Motion Detector or Laser Sensor to activate RFID reads


I am looking for a way to have a physical device that senses a human in a set area to enable the RFID reader to document reads. The goal would be to have the antennas or the Clearstream database updating put on pause until someone is moving in the area. If someone is moving in the area the reader would then initialize the antennas or Clearstream would start updating database fields and continue to do so for a duration of time after it senses movement. At the moment I have tried setting up a the hardware below, but I can only figure output options like enabling a LED (and not input).

Current Hardware:
- Motorola FX7500 Reader

GPIO options that I have, but can purchase a suggested piece of hardware aswell.
-Bosch Motion Detector. Model: ISC-BPR2-WP12.
-Enforcer Retro-Reflective Sensor. Model: E-931-S35RRQ

Any ideas on where to go or what to do would help! Thank you.


Joseph Kraebel

Staff member
I'm not sure about the Bosch but after looking into the Enforcer I believe the below will work:

1. The Brown or Blue wire can be hooked up to the 24vdc connection of the FX7500 GPIO Connector (First from left).
2. The Gray N.C. (Normally Closed) wire should be connected to one of the FX7500 GP Inputs (Pin 6 or 7). Note which one you connect to as this will need to be set when configuring the Input trigger in ClearStream. I would recommend connecting to pin 6 which is GP Input 1.
3. The White COM wire gets connect to ground i believe which is either pin 5 or 8.

I have attached a pdf of the pin out of the FX7500's GPIO connector for reference.

After this is configured you would need to go into ClearStream RFID and into the Reader settings. Select the reader you wish to configure and then under scan mode select GPI Trigger. Add a new trigger, give it a name and set the duration in seconds that you want the reader to turn on for.

Let me know how you make out.



Thanks for the starter info! Not able to get the antennas to turn on with either of them yet though.

Tried the Bosch first.
The Bosch sensor has the following ports: -, +, NC, NC, T, T (Researched what the T is for and it is used for adding a tamper alarm). I connected the + to the FX7500 pin 1 (+ Power), connected - to pin 8 (Ground), connected one of the NC to pin 6 (GP Input #1). I then configured Clearstream GPI Trigger to Port 1, named it, and gave it a duration of 10 seconds. When I started the reader program I would get True, True and Stopped. It would never log in. Kept setting off the sensor and it never powered up. (I also tried raising and lowering the duration as well as the GPI Trigger Port by using 6 instead of 1.)


Tried the Retro-Reflective Enforcer next and it is likely a more appropriate device for GPIO use.
The Enforcer has 5 wires just like you were explaining. Brown and Blue are polarity unspecific to power the device. I connected Blue to pin 1 (+ Power) on the FX7500 and Brown to pin 8 (ground) a bit different than you explained. I connected the Gray (NC) wire to pin 6 on the FX7500. I powered up the reader and tried all the same variations in GPI Trigger Port and Duration settings. The relays are clicking, and the Enforcer shows LED proof it is being tripped, but the Reader never gets 'Successfully Logged In".

Both devices are powering and working, but there must be something I am missing in configuration/wiring to get it to work. If I disable the GPI Trigger and go back to Continuous mode it will "Successfully Logged In".

Hopefully that is enough info for us to come up with what I am missing.

Howie Heckman III

Staff member
Hi Thomas,

I would try hooking up the black wire to ground on the reader, and the White line to the GPI port you would like to use. That black line is normally open which will be closed when motion is detected and close the GPI port to ground.

Let us know if this works.


I have tried many wiring/Clearstream configurations and I am still unable to get it so far for both devices. I will keep you updated if it works or if questions arise.