GP I/O output to LED Patlite fails after a few weeks.


I am running two separate Clearstream systems - 1 as a local demo and 1 deployed at a site. They both use the same hardware - Win10 Dell PC, Motorola FX7500 reader, 2 Motorola Antennas, 1 Patlite multicolor LED light. The antennas have different names and document locations of visible tags to the Access database.

The LED has an always on color of green which never fails being hard wired to the FX7500. The LED also has a blue light, which is set to go off any time 1 line on the Access database is added or modified for 400ms. This causes the LED to flash blue for the 400ms whenever a tag is visible from either antenna.

The issue that happened today, on both systems (which are completely separate and not connected but have the same configuration settings), is that the blue light does not go off. Both systems are still documenting new read tags and update the database file. For some reason they both stopped sending the GP I/O output signal.

Here is a timeline of this failure.
1/22/2016 - Deployed system on remote site - 1st LED GP I/O output failure happened roughly 4 weeks later on 2/22/2016.

2/22/2016 - (I do not run the software from services.) Verified that the database was still updating and writing new data to the tag lines. Within Clearstream, stopped and started the reader. The LED light was now receiving the GPO signal and flashed blue. Turned on our local demo system around this time so that we could troubleshoot locally.

4/11/2016 - 7 weeks later - Both the local demo and the system at the remote site had their GPO fail today. Verified that the Access database was still getting new data at both locations, but was not lighting up the LED blue light. Clicked start and stop on the reader within Clearstream on the remote site and the LED is flashing blue again from the GPO port. I have not restarted the reader on the local system, so it still only displays the green LED light.

Is there a time duration within Clearstream that is causing GPO failure to happen? Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.

Howie Heckman III

Staff member
Hi Tom,

There shouldn't be any time frame where GPOs will fail.

By restarting the reader does this always fix the issue? Also, could you send us your event log? You can find this by opening ClearStream, click View->Event Log, and then click the Open Log File button. Please send us the contents of this file.