ClearStream RFID compared to demo apps from your RFID reader

Fahim Ali

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Most fixed RFID readers you can purchase today will ship with an interface to access the reader and its functions. This is usually in the form of a static webpage hosted on the reader hardware. Often times, this web interface will also have a sample demo application that allows you test that the RFID reader is functioning.

You might think, "why do you I need ClearStream RFID if I have a perfectly functioning application provided by the hardware manufacturer?" The truth is, the demo application is meant only for demonstration/testing purposes, and not much more. When you actually want to set up an RFID workflow for your environment, you will need the features available in ClearStream RFID. At best, the demo app is a glorified grid of EPC IDs.

ClearStream RFID is a fully featured RFID solution. Here are some of the features you can enjoy with your ClearStream installation:

  • Read all user accesible tag banks, including the EPC, TID, and user memory banks
  • Store the tag data in any ODBC database, Excel worksheet, or even flat text files
  • Specify radio powers for your connected antennas
  • Use buttons, light stacks, horns; anything compatible with the GPIO standard
  • Set up timed, interval or continuous processes
  • Plan your RFID workflow using the ClearStream Virtual Site Survey utility
Most readers also enable ClearStream to access the reader functions you would need the web interface for, making the interface redundant (but still useful for backup situations). Finally, ClearStream uses the same user experience to interface with any compatible reader. One interface means less confusion.

With that many options and features to choose from, it is obvious how ClearStream RFID stacks up against the demo apps from your RFID reader.