ClearStream 7.2 Release Notes (6/27/2023)

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Howie Heckman III

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7.2 Build 752 - Initial Release - 6/27/2023

Includes the latest versions of ClearStream On-Board with the installation. Instructions for installing and running ClearStream On-Board for your device type can be found in the Start Menu after installing ClearStream.

New Features:
  • ClearStream On-Board now supports the Impinj R700 Rain RFID Reader.
  • New installation wizard for installing ClearStream On-Board.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Minew BLE Gateways being incorrectly reported as offline in some cases.
Known Issues:
  • On some early firmware versions of the R700 offline data storage might not work as expected. We recommend updating to at least 7.6.
Download ClearStream RFID 7.2 >>
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