ClearStream 7.0 Release Notes (4/12/2022)

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Howie Heckman III

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7.0 Build 724 - Initial Release - 4/12/2022

New Features:

  • Subscription licensing model, with cloud dashboard providing system status.
  • Group device type to allow easier configuration of large device counts.
  • Keyboard Emulation (HID mode) as a new destination.
  • Send Delay setting for limiting how often event data is sent to the destination.
  • System Tray menu for starting and stopping readers.
  • Improvements made to BLE Beacon, zone based tracking.

Bug Fixes:
  • Data viewer multi record delete fixed.
  • Device IDs are now case insensitive with regards to subscription/registration.
  • Zebra readers will continue to work when 64 bit Zebra libraries are installed on the host machine.

7.0 Build 725 - Patch Release - 5/3/2022

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes ClearStream Onboard sending tags to the ClearStream Management Studio.

7.0 Build 727 - Patch Release - 10/12/2022

Bug Fixes:

  • Includes the latest version of ClearStream On-Board with OTA capability, and big fixes.

Download ClearStream RFID 7.0 >>
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