ClearStream 6.5 Release Notes (3/5/2021)

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Joseph Kraebel

Staff member
6.5 Build 612 - Initial Release - 3/5/2021

New Features:

  • Support added for the Minew Bluetooth Gateway.
  • Support added for Cognex scanners/devices.
  • Support added for custom configurable devices.
  • Beacon filtering options added for all gateway types.
  • Added support for Feig notification mode (works similarly to a BLE gateway).
  • Report on value changed tag reporting option added to Tag Moderation.
  • New options added for Custom events for when a logic evaluation occurs.
  • Added ability to add custom HTTP headers to a URL end point.
  • CS Onboard: Custom HTTP headers can now be added.
  • CS Onboard: Updated UI of cloud console.
  • CS Onboard: Expanded on timing options for when data is sent back to the assigned server.

Bug Fixes:
  • Better logging for Trial registration expiry on some PCs.
  • Fix for interval timing issue on ClearStream on board.
  • Tag event change was not being disabled when not a valid setting.
  • Changing data sources on a destination config cleared field mappings when not necessary.
  • Tag Hex conversion process was throwing a data exception.
  • Fix for device settings not always loading/saving correctly for some devices.
  • Fixed incorrect Started status reporting for some devices.

Download ClearStream RFID 6.5 >>
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