ClearStream 6.0 Release Notes (8/26/2020)

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Howie Heckman III

Staff member
6.0 Build 566 - Initial Release - 8/26/2020

New Features:

  • ClearStream RFID On-Board - Runs directly on the reader, supports the Zebra FX7500, and FX9600 devices.
  • Added support for BLE zone locationing.
  • Added support for IFM readers.
  • Added the ability to apply a tag mask to scan operations on Zebra readers.
  • Added MatchRegEx function to custom field conditions.
  • Added Profile ID setting to the GPOs to support multiple profiles.
  • Added support for the latest BluEpyc Echo beacons.
  • Added ability to add custom HTTP headers to a URL end point.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issues with adding custom fields to BLE Gateways
  • Fixed issue with setting a valid content-type when using a URL end point.
  • Fixed LLRP keep alive function not working in some cases.
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