ClearStream 5.0 Release Notes (10/3/2018)

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  1. Joseph Kraebel

    Joseph Kraebel Administrator Staff Member

    5.0 Build 490 - Initial Release - 10/3/2018

    New Features:
    • Added support for BLE Beacons.
    • Added support for BLE beacon parsing of iBeacon, Eddystone UID, URL, TLM frames.
    • Added support for BLE beacon distance from gateway calculation.
    • Added new custom template destination data provider, allowing events to be sent to Email and URL web services.
    • Added new REST web services API to control devices, view events, and interact with devices.
    • SQL Server native client. No longer necessary to configure an ODBC driver for SQL Server.
    • User memory and TID banks are now supported in the virtual site survey.
    • Feig DM reader is supported with tag directionality recording.
    • Added duplicate function for devices and Sync Processes.
    • Antenna swell time setting for Zebra readers.
    • Buffered read mode support added for Feig Readers.
    • Added SendComplete alert type for triggering GPOs when no tag is read within a certain time frame.
    • Added API alert type for triggering GPOs using the web service API.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with emulator and trying to read all memory banks.
    • Application sometimes freezes after trying to open readers tab with log window open.
    • Stopping readers when the event log is open can sometimes fail.
    • Application not always responding when starting reader.
    • Event log should display the reader name.
    • Added ClearStream Name and version to Start/Stop Service start menu shortcuts.
    • Right Click Retire dialog is calculating height based on scroll position.
    • Error when changing the size of the data grid on Device Configuration screen.
    • Using the device tab in Device Configuration can freeze the application when log window is active.
    • Display issues on lower resolution monitors and no scroll bars displayed where needed.
    • Link for menu Help-->Feedback was incorrect.
    • UI Display issue on GPO tab when closing and reopening Devices.

    Download ClearStream RFID 5.1 >>
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