Antenna Name not sending to SQL properly


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Hello. I have a ClearStream project that has a process with an antenna on a reader named for example "2111". I have named it this in the device configuration window. However, whenever it sends data to the database it is connected to, it sends the antenna name as "4". I have not been able to figure out why this is the case, so I wanted to see if anyone else was having an issue where the name given to one of their antennas is not being sent properly.

Dan Peluso

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It sounds like you have that configured correctly so your next best bet might be to contact our support group if you cannot figure it out.


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Hi Dan,
Thanks for your reply. We figured out the issue with ClearStream support. It was a very silly misconfiguration. We had the antenna listed to port 1 and named. However, the antenna was actually connected to port 4 and would send as "4" to the antenna field in ClearStream. The fix was as simple as making sure the id matched the actual port that the antenna was connected to.


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