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    Using the RFID tag event reporting features

    Actually one more question. What does the 'Description' field do? I have those set to the defaults currently, just wondering what they are used for.
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    Using the RFID tag event reporting features

    Thanks Howie... So I have this configured does it look correct? New tag: Immediate New Tag Visible Tag Invisible: Moderated: Tag no longer visible Timeout = 5000ms Back to Visible: Moderated Tag visible again Timeout = 5000ms
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    Using the RFID tag event reporting features

    Hi, I'd like to configure my Motorola FX7500 RFID reader to report tags only at select times. What I'd like to do is keep track of how long a tag is near an antenna. In a best case I'd like to configure the reader so that tags are only reported once when it is first scanned by the reader and...
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    Impinj RFID Antenna Hub

    Hi, I was looking for an RFID reader that supports a larger number of antennas and I ran across the Impinj Antenna Hub which works with the Speedway revolution readers. According to the documentation this would allow up to 32 antennas to be connected to the reader at a single time. I was just...