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Hello guys,

I have a project about locating some objects into small surface (4 square meter max).
I would like to use RFID system because with passif RFID tags, no power is needed and it's really cheap.

I didn't know anything about RFID except what I have learn on RF during my graduate school. I made some research to understand how it work and what solution should i use for my project. I will need UHV mid-range reader because of my surface and pasive tags like i said before.

I know that some RTLS system are on the market but my goal is to create a product that could be not too expensive. I had think about buying 4 readers but it's really expensive. So I had an idea: create my own RFID reader and at this point I'm totaly lost. In my mind, basic RF system are really cheap and if I understand well, RFID is just a RF communication with no specific protocol except EPC-96 for 96 bits identifier. So tell me if it's possible to create one with low RFID knowledge.

I have some questions and if someone could take the time to answer, I would be really gratefull !
Is there some pre-made RFID reader kit ? If yes, where i could find them ? Is it cheap ?
Is there open-source code for reader's software on GitHub ? Globally, where should I search for resources ?
Is there some arduino kit to prototype my product ?
Is it really cheap to create your own reader ?
Thank you in advance for your time, I really appreciate it !


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hello Nahoy.

I read your post in detail.
I was studying about RFID tech at university graduating course so I am also interested in RFID tech so much still now.
Even though I was researching about UHF RFID Tag Anti-Collision Protocol, I also wanna research about RFID reader creation.
Of course I have a tiny knowledge about RIFD, but to be honest, I wish that only my attension will become the big help for you.
I will read your post more detail and will think more about your idea.

Thank you, dear.
Best regards.