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Not sure if this type of question is allowed. Apologies if it's not. I require laundry safe "button" style tags that can be sewn into camp laundry bags. I've been purchasing directly from China but wondered if there was a North American (preferably Canadian) supplier. They need to be programmable because each laundry bag I wash has an individual ID description. Once scanned I need to be able to create a report showing what bags of laundry went past the scanner in & out.

Dan Peluso

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Hi Sharon,

I apologize for such a long delay in answering. Your question did not float to the top of unanswered so it was missed at the time.

This type of question is certainly allowed but these forums are mostly on the technical side so our technical folks may not have the answers you are looking for. I would definitely invite you to chat with one of our sales reps via the sales links on our main page. This is assuming you have not already gotten an answer to your question.