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  1. Fahim Ali

    ClearStream RFID compared to demo apps from your RFID reader

    Most fixed RFID readers you can purchase today will ship with an interface to access the reader and its functions. This is usually in the form of a static webpage hosted on the reader hardware. Often times, this web interface will also have a sample demo application that allows you test that the...
  2. Fahim Ali

    What is IIS? Why does ClearStream 3.0 need to enable it?

    If you've already installed ClearStream 3.0, you might have noticed an option to "Enable IIS" during the installation procedure. IIS stands for "Internet Information Services." It is a Microsoft technology that enables the Windows PC on which it is enabled to act as a web server. IIS is...
  3. Fahim Ali

    Encoding RFID tags with ASCII values vs. hexadecimal values: What's the difference?

    An RFID tag can be encoded with two different encoding systems: ASCII and hexadecimal. ASCII is a character encoding standard that is used to display text in digital equipment, including computers and mobile devices. It has the capability to display the full English alphabet, the numbers 0 – 9...