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  1. Dan Peluso

    How to avoid signal interfere each other between two rfid reader or more

    Hi, Your project sounds interesting but I am afraid I cannot offer any specific advice. This forum is more specifically for our ClearStream software If I had to completely guess, you may have a hardware issue with one of the modules or your code is not quite correct in handling multiple...
  2. Dan Peluso

    Convert Hex to ASCII?

    Hi Patrick, Yes, Clearstream has the option to convert hex to ascii. This is in the Reader Settings under the Tag Settings tab. **I apologize for the delayed response. I did not notice this question come in until just now.
  3. Dan Peluso

    Antenna Name not sending to SQL properly

    Hi, It sounds like you have that configured correctly so your next best bet might be to contact our support group if you cannot figure it out.
  4. Dan Peluso

    Button tags

    Hi Sharon, I apologize for such a long delay in answering. Your question did not float to the top of unanswered so it was missed at the time. This type of question is certainly allowed but these forums are mostly on the technical side so our technical folks may not have the answers you are...
  5. Dan Peluso

    RFID for Visual Management

    Hi, Yes, this should be possible with the correct hardware and software (making some assumptions on the interface for the stopwatch). Using our ClearStream RFID software, you can turn on/off a GPIO port which could be used to signal external systems; in your case the stopwatch. Some of this...
  6. Dan Peluso

    Antenna/Clearstream Question

    Hi, This should not be an issue in trial mode. I assume the 2 antennas are connected to 1 common reader which is then talking to the one single process? If so, that should be ok.
  7. Dan Peluso

    [Need Opinion] Indicator for RFID missing tag

    Hi, I apologize that I do not fully understand the question but I will attempt to answer. Most of the data cleaning and analog processing of the tag reads occur at the hardware level so it would be a more hardware specific question if that makes sense. Since ClearStream RFID is mostly hardware...
  8. Dan Peluso

    GPI: Database field

    Hi, That does sound correct but could also depends on the configuration you are using to trigger that input. If you have an account rep with us, your best bet may be to contact them to see about sending over your config settings for us to review.
  9. Dan Peluso

    GPI: Database field

    Hi, There is a mappable field called Start Event that is used to store this exact option. When this field is selected/mapped, it will store the GPI Trigger Name that you assigned when creating the trigger in the reader configuration area. I think that would be what you are looking for in your...
  10. Dan Peluso

    precision time recording of tag read

    Hi Andy, I have added this to our feature wish list for our next upcoming release.