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  1. Brad Horn

    PTS Beacon / RTLS - Starter Kit

    We are excited about this new kit - .
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    Follow ClearStream on LinkedIn to get the latest CS Updates
  3. Brad Horn

    Video that demonstrates the setup of an RFID Check In / Check Out Application

    In this little video we show how directional data is captured via ClearStream RFID.
  4. Brad Horn

    ClearStream announces Feig Support
  5. Brad Horn

    ClearStream will be at RFID Journal 2017 Please let us know if you need a discount code?
  6. Brad Horn

    Howie is hosting a webinar Today - Getting Started
  7. Brad Horn

    ClearStream 4.1 Sneak Peek
  8. Brad Horn

    ClearStream RFID 4.0 Webinar Today

    Please register here -
  9. Brad Horn

    YouTube ClearStream RFID Learning Channel

    If you haven't subscribed already here is a link to our ClearStream RFID YouTube Channel. We are doing our best to post useful videos including- How To Setups, Hardware Reviews and Webinars. The goal is to get helpful content in the hands of our users efficiently, not to create...
  10. Brad Horn

    Amazing what RFID can do when put in the hands of young, motivated, bright students.

    Stopping gun violence is a lofty goal... but these kids are going to try.…/long-islands-portable-technolog…
  11. Brad Horn

    Tomorrow - Join us for a "Getting Started with ClearStream RFID" webinar
  12. Brad Horn

    New ClearStream RFID Videos Posted - Check In / Check Out

    Here is a new video we just put up. To learn how to set this up watch -
  13. Brad Horn

    Check out this new #RFID Tutorial explaining #memory banks.
  14. Brad Horn

    Webinar Today - ClearStream 3.1
  15. Brad Horn

    Learn what is new in ClearStream 3.1 - Attend our July 21st Webinar.