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  1. Howie Heckman III

    ClearStream 7.2 Release Notes (6/27/2023)

    7.2 Build 752 - Initial Release - 6/27/2023 Includes the latest versions of ClearStream On-Board with the installation. Instructions for installing and running ClearStream On-Board for your device type can be found in the Start Menu after installing ClearStream. New Features: ClearStream...
  2. Howie Heckman III

    ClearStream 7.1 Release Notes (1/18/2023)

    7.1 Build 732 - Initial Release - 1/18/2023 New Features: ClearStream On-Board now supports multiple filters to be defined for tag data. ClearStream On-Board now supports over-the-air updates (OTA). ClearStream On-Board will now report when a configuration has been successfully applied. GPOs...
  3. Howie Heckman III

    ClearStream 7.0 Release Notes (4/12/2022)

    7.0 Build 724 - Initial Release - 4/12/2022 New Features: Subscription licensing model, with cloud dashboard providing system status. Group device type to allow easier configuration of large device counts. Keyboard Emulation (HID mode) as a new destination. Send Delay setting for limiting how...
  4. Howie Heckman III

    Learn How to Scan Barcodes with ClearStream RFID

    Configuring a Cognex Barcode Reader for use with ClearStream:
  5. Howie Heckman III

    ClearStream 6.0 Release Notes (8/26/2020)

    6.0 Build 566 - Initial Release - 8/26/2020 New Features: ClearStream RFID On-Board - Runs directly on the reader, supports the Zebra FX7500, and FX9600 devices. Added support for BLE zone locationing. Added support for IFM readers. Added the ability to apply a tag mask to scan operations on...
  6. Howie Heckman III

    GPIO Lightstack Config

    ClearStream supports many different manufacturers. This includes RFID readers by Thing Magic (by Jadak). As long as the device in question supports LLRP, and is connected via ethernet, ClearStream will support the GPIO of the device. The setup is generally the same between the different devices...
  7. Howie Heckman III

    Where is the done button in Custom tag Events window?

    Hi, This looks like it could be a bug in the sizing of that dialog. There should be a Done button at the bottom. I will go ahead and write this up so that we can get a fix for it. In the meantime, you should be able to close that dialog by clicking Alt + F4 on your keyboard. Let us know if...
  8. Howie Heckman III

    Tag Sessions

    Hi Darren, This is a limitation of the simulator. The antenna setting for name and power are respected, however the Tag Session is not. It has been logged as an issue with the simulator and should be added in a next release of the application. The feature does work with all of the different...
  9. Howie Heckman III

    Synchronising reader clocks from ClearStream

    Unfortunately, ClearStream cannot synchronize the clocks on the RFID readers. This may be something that you can do through the web console on the reader. If you use your browser and enter the IP address of your Motorola FX7400/7500 you can login to a web console that allows you to adjust...
  10. Howie Heckman III

    Creating a brief change of output on GPO in response to a tag read

    Hi Andy, Yes, you can trigger the GPO (output ports) on the RFID reader when tags are sent to a destination data source. This can include things like buzzers, and lights. You can also control these logically using the Condition field in the GPO configuration. Usually this is a '0' if the tag...
  11. Howie Heckman III

    RFID project help

    Hi Justin, To answer your questions: Any EPC Gen 2 RFID reader can read any EPC Gen 2 tag. All you should have to do is take a look at the tag specs, and if it is an EPC Gen 2 tag than you should be fine. There are many different RFID readers available. The most common we see are readers from...
  12. Howie Heckman III

    Question GPIO

    I don't know of too many cases where a tag can't be read, unless it has been killed or is defective. They come from the manufacturer pre-encoded with an ID. So, if you had a list of valid tags and you scan the tag and it is not found this would be the indication the the write had failed.
  13. Howie Heckman III

    Question GPIO

    The only way of doing this would be to compare the tag to a database of valid tag values. This way when the tag is read, it will attempt to find it in the database of valid tags, and if it is not found you can fire an event to power up the GPOs.
  14. Howie Heckman III

    GP I/O output to LED Patlite fails after a few weeks.

    Hi Tom, There shouldn't be any time frame where GPOs will fail. By restarting the reader does this always fix the issue? Also, could you send us your event log? You can find this by opening ClearStream, click View->Event Log, and then click the Open Log File button. Please send us the contents...
  15. Howie Heckman III

    RFID for Flooring Store Sample Boards

    Hello, What you are describing sounds correct. Basically the last antenna to pick up the RFID tag will update that item in the database with the current status (in, or out). There really is no way of fooling the reader with different methods of moving in, or out of the portal. However, you...
  16. Howie Heckman III

    Question GPIO

    Hi Ray, I'm not sure there is any way to firing an alert in ClearStream without a tag being read into the database. However, this might be an option for a customization. Let me know if you would like to explore that option. Also, by programming the tag, did no you mean you want to write to the...
  17. Howie Heckman III

    Most Reliable Reader with Clearstream Software

    Hi Thomas, We don't really have much of a preference when it comes to which reader you use with ClearStream. We have found most of the readers to be very stable when running with ClearStream. Some of the readers have some additional features that are accessible within CleartStream. For example...
  18. Howie Heckman III

    precision time recording of tag read

    Hi Andy, Currently ClearStream only supports a maximum resolution down to the second. This is however something we are looking to add in the next release of the product. I don't have a time frame on this just yet, but it would most likely give you the ability to customize the date time format...
  19. Howie Heckman III

    Logically controlling the GPO outputs on an RFID Reader with a Stored Procedure

    Hi JC, Did you get the email working as well? I have not set that up in the past, but I believe you can use a sendMail function within a store procedure to send out an email when you need to. Thanks.
  20. Howie Heckman III

    Source filtering LIKE not working properly

    Hi JC, Sounds like you need to wrap the search value in %. This will do a soft search for the value. If you do not do this it will simply do a case insensitive string comparison. Try changing it to EPC LIKE %7% Let us know if this helps.